A project I've created is a radioless Allstar node.
It's particularly well suited to beginners who want to skip a learning curve, and have everything handled for them.
I call it "HamVOIP Premium". Some features above and beyond the normal HamVOIP Allstar are:

- Full desktop display directly on a TV or monitor, not just a command line
- Hypermon - Supermon/2 with Bubble Chart side-by-side to visualize connections. See it in action!
- Ultramon - Supermon/2 and Pi-Star side-by-side (if you have a Pi-Star digital node). See everything on one screen. See it in action!
- Volume control for speaker, mic, HDMI output
- A 3-color LED showing WiFi/TX/RX status, and number of connections
- Hostname resolution - you don't have to know what your IP is, just go to http://123456.local (123456=your node number)
- Auto port forward/release tool - allows incoming calls, and SSH access for remote help
- Speaker output to listen in radioless mode with an amplified speaker or headphones
- Optional headset and microphone allows a PTT experience - like a radio
- Minimum of 3 hours orientation, training and tech support over 3 months
- WA3DSP Amateur Radio Newsline and ARRL News players
- Repeaterisms - light hearted audio tips for newbies, from back in the 1980s but still relevant today
- Concierge service to acquire and manage both Allstar and HamVOIP node number registration
- Compatible with SHARI NODE for an RF node

Kit A: "Just the Essentials" - $125 plus shipping to the US
Use your own Pi3B, 2.5A micro-USB power supply, and headphones. ("Stereo 071" model has been tested to work.)
  • preconfigured SD card with node number
  • case for Pi3B series
  • LED mounted, GPIO harness
  • shutdown switch mounted

  • Note: Other necessary components that you don't already have can be obtained directly from Amazon from this shopping list.
    However, if desired, you can purchase full kits below.

    Kit B: "The works" - $259 plus shipping to the US
  • preconfigured SD card with node number
  • case for Pi3B series
  • LED mounted, GPIO harness
  • shutdown switch mounted
  • Raspberry Pi3B
  • 2.5A micro-USB Power Supply
  • 071 USB headphone with inline PTT
  • hand microphone element
  • amplified loudspeaker

  • Kit C: "First Class" - $354 plus shipping to the US
  • Everything above in Kit B
  • PLUS a 7" touchscreen display fitted

  • Choose your kit:

    Once paid, email tpwaterman@gmail.com with your details.

    Please provide WiFi SSIDs/passwords for automatic network connections.
    (Home, cellphone, MiFi, office, vacation home, etc)

    Assistance on the project from: WB8ODF, KO4FRR, KC1AWV

    -Pres W2PW (631) 786-5800 (expect a call screening- just say your name and callsign and that you want info)